Q: How long is an average session?

A: The length of session depends on many factors; the number of people in your session, the temperament of the clients, and the number of wardrobe or scene changes. On average, most sessions are an hour or two. Newborn Sessions can take up to 3 or more hours.

Q: What is included in the Session fee?

A: The session fee includes the photographer's time, talent and travel. Clients may have wardrobe changes or location/scene changes within reason.

Q: How soon will I get my photos?
A: Because I shoot in RAW, I have the ability to adjust every color to make your photos perfect and individual. Post processing takes time. Clients will have a sneak peek posted on Facebook and/orthe Blog within 72 hours of the shoot. The final, edited images will be delivered within two to three weeks of the session date.

Q: What does the Print Release allow?
A: The print release allows you, the client, to post your images on Facebook, a website or be sent via email providing credit to Simply Sonoran Photography. You may print your own images or create coasters, quilts, calendars or any other fun project. Please be aware that photos NOT printed through Simply Sonoran Photography may not have optimal color. Our photos are calibrated with our printers to provide you the best results. The print release does NOT allow for editing of the images. Photos remain the sole property of Simply Sonoran Photography.